land rover 110 van
land rover 110 van

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Land Rover Defender - Series Chassis replacement - Galvanised

Here at DPG Defenders we can replace your tired Defender chassis for a new galvanised one. Series vehicles are usually full restoration projects but this can be confirmed by a pre inspection to confirm. 

We have a preference and use Richards's chassis, British made from 2.5mm British steel.

You are also more than welcome to supply your own chassis if you have already made your purchase.

The specification of your build is fully customisable using parts supplied by yourself or us....


Standard Fitment prices are as follows

Base Labour charge for 90 replacement £1350.00 plus VAT

Base Labour charge for 110 replacement £1500.00 plus VAT

We no longer fit chassis to Series Vehicles


Our base price includes new copper brakepipes, new brake flexible hoses, new standard bumpstops and all required new nuts/bolts and washers.

With any chassis change, every vehicle is in a different condition, so to what else needs replacing will become apparent when the vehicle is in pieces.

Upon assembly, all bolts are copper greased to prevent seizing.


We also carry out a pre-inspection so that the customer is fully aware of any other problem areas that require attension.

For example, the tub mount points tend to corrode quite excessively and upon taking apart, they can crumble to nothing, leaving nothing to attach the tub to the chassis. These would need repair.

Fuel tanks can also split at the seams during the process of removal due to excessive corrosion.

9 times out of 10 a Land Rover chassis change is not as straight forward as it sounds if done correctly, there are usually other factors to price into the job, hence why we carry out a pre-job inspection.


A list of items that customers tend to swap at the time of change are

Suspension Bushes, standard or poly type 

Galvanised shock turret kit

Shocks & Springs

Fuel tank

Body mount brackets under rear tub

Repairs to tub mountings front and rear





Please be aware, Chassis supply can currently take up to 8/10 weeks, due to high demand.


We can also supply, replacement crossmembers, outriggers, axle repair components as well as any other Series/Defender repair panels.


We also carry out repairs, including rear crossmember and outrigger renewal and general welding.


Please phone or email for a more accurate quotation.

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