land rover 110 van
land rover 110 van

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Modification of 4x4 inc Defender Vehicles, Suspension lift, bushes.

No longer the exclusive territory of boy racers, modification helps you perfect your vehicle, turning it into the car of your dreams, (and saving you the hassle and expense of finding a new model).


DPG Defenders are keen to help you enhance your drive and are happy to offer free advice on the best ways to do so.


From simple tasks like fitting Alloy wheels, to more complicated cosmetic or mechanical operations such as raising your suspension to improve ground clearance you'll be delighted by what our talent can do to your car.


Underbody protection installation also catered for, items including steering, transmission, differential and fuel tank guards.


Defender TDi power can be enhanced, including electric fan installations, uprated intercoolers, FIP tuning, Exhaust enhancements, silicon hose kits and hybrid/VNT turbos to name just a few of the things that can be done.


We can offer various stages of suspension upgrades from polyurethane bush installation, standard or raised suspension kits including castor correction bushes/arms.

Laser wheel alignment available on site.

Body upgrades include aftermarket Grills, vents, rear windows, chequerplate reinforcements in vulnerable areas, stainless steel bolt replacement including hinges, rear crossmember and lighting. LED lighting can be fitted to give the modern look

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